A. The customer relationship by phone
  • Direct response to requests for information quickly, personalized and thorough.
B. The customer relationship by email
  • Complete and personalized response to email inquiries.
C. The e-commerce assistance
  • Sales via email and phone
  • Prior to sales: product information,
  • In-process: delivery tracking
  • After the sale: claims - PCI Certification.
D. The call transfers from shops
  • Immediate response to 1st level inquiries and transfer to the shops with specific issues that require the assistance of sales staff.
E. The e-chat
  • Continuous availability to answer the questions originating from internet users.
F. Dedicated specific services
  • Consulting
  • Support for internal clients
  • Database management
  • Monitoring of social networks
  • Clipping
  • Outbound actions with specialized subsidiaries 
A. Additional new customers and increase in sales :
Opportunities fully exploited to sell to prospective clients interested in your products
  • Immediate response by telephone/email: transformation of the initial interest into a purchase
  • Creating a strong relationship with the client: Appealing to a new category of customers
B. Loyalty of the current customer base
  • Managing clients’ claims efficiently and following up with them
C. Optimization of your customer database
  • Creating and optimizing a valuable CRM database readily available for use,

A contact center is not a cost center, it is a tool to :
Generate profit
Promote your brand